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Akbay Rent A Car car rental you make from what you should know about.



1. When you perform an online booking via our website when you check in, our economic-class tools for 21 years 2-year minimum driver's license, minimum age 23, for the Middle group of vehicles 3-year license, the parent group of luxury vehicles for 27 years and 5 years later, you must have a driver's license.(Driver's license or age-related problem from any of our customers can call our company in terms of the initiative.)



2. Tool while you receive your name must be a valid credit card issued.$ 400 for vehicles, the Middle group the economic group for $ 500, $ 750 for luxury vehicles in the upper group of credit card pre authorisation in exceptional cases it can be imposed in exceptional cases provision, delivery vehicle ... after the snapshot is removed.Your bank account according to the intensity again appear able to 1-3 business days.



3. the 2014 Model can be exported for storage of fuel in our vehicles, vehicle delivery to our customers in fuul fuul is taken for storage.Missing fuel by filling out your vehicles delivered to the store to the plug with the condition that is charged by you.It is for the benefit of our clients receives as much fuel to return.



4. our vehicles is at least 1 day lease time. we are hired online tools when you are at the end of the first 1 hour delay of the rent 1/3 3 hours after that, a one-day rental fee shall be collected by you.



5. vehicles, including 1 persons in obtaining delivery of our offices sürücu more can be included in your driver's license for that other information is taken, in the case of the use of the 3rd party 3, as a result of the collision, all automobile insurance remains disabled.(Except for the names on the contract vehicle is not available.)



Vehicle return to our fleet, you can switch the main page to make a reservation online.In case of any problems, you can call us from our contact number.You can get more detailed information.