Akbay Rent A Car when we started in 1995 in İzmir as the car rental sector, road trip, to offer the best service to our customers in a way that showed intense and dedicated efforts.


As a small agency, we started the car rental industry in İzmir, choose us to our valued customers, the service that we offer to deliver better and all we have developed in our world, and imagine, just as a dream which he could rent a car companies persist, with the idea to offer the stay the best for "VİP Service and the most reasonable price motto, we realized our dream, we are proud right.


Always provide better thought of, we have raised all the stave.Turkey, in the province of a lot of the car rental company, in which economic group, the middle point of the Group and parent groups, including the World's most prestigious service of our valued customers the tools they offer.


Broad and industry-leading companies consisting of the fleet, to offer your services the most luxury vehicles won't be necessary principle, our company receives from you on its mission safely, a large Akbay Rent A Car as the family was performing.


Like a big family to our customers to better serve all the time, working with our team, all of the car rental service in the provinces of Turkey and always better than knowing that you will have to continue our vision.


As of today, İzmir, İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, mainly in city centres and the need to airport has been working in the car rental service. Akbay Rent A Car as the family trust that you have shown to us, for we would like to express our gratitude to our valued customers.