Rental Conditions


Terms Of Hire Can Hire The Vehicle Age


-For economic group cars 21 years (r. Clio, Hyundai Era, VW Polo, etc.)


-Middle group tools for 23 years (r. Megane, Fiat Linea, VW Jetta, VW Golf, Mini Cooper etc.)


-Parent group for 27 years (Ford Mondeo, VW Passat etc.)


-Luxury Group vehicles for 30 years and being over. (BMW, Mercedes C180 etc.)



Deposit (Credit Card Usage)


Through our Web site or online phone Rental renter will receive a delivery Vehicle during the current edited in their name must have a credit card. This credit card, according to the Group rented vehicle amounting to at least 750 TL can be pre-authorized.(If the company is in). Akbay Rent A Car vehicles in the top group for 2 PCs may require a credit card. License Duration


-At least 2 years for economic group tools -At least 3 years for the Middle group cars -Upper and luxury group vehicles to have a driver's license for at least 5 years


Rental for the above preconditions to be searched during the driver's license and credit card, as well as in the case of your tool can deliver.


Akbay rent a car Price Conditions


Akbay rent a car Prices, including services and products In the site you can see all prices include the following services and products: -Collision Damage Waiver Yararlandırma By From Mutual Accident Insurance -All prices include collision damage waiver (CDW) accident insurance.


Collision damage waiver covers the damage in a collision accident insurance. Insurance in case of fulfillment of the conditions, the extent of the damage as a result of the collision, the car group, including varying amounts of the customer will indemnify the damage. This insurance in case of non-collision (parking, rubber glass headlight) does not cover the damages.


-Unlimited mileage usage (fair use as daily 250 Km) £ 0.50 for Exceedance kilometers/miles charges.