Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


How to use the tool and how do I get delivered?


through our website or from our customer service representatives about your reservation is forwarded by us to the Office online when you perform and are prepared by our Office about your vehicle for you.Leave your car at our Office, you can receive by going.


How to use the tool and where you will return?


At the end of the rental period you receive you should deliver to our agents. In the case of other offices, you have to deliver, you receive farkinı one direction between the Office might have to pay the price difference you can get from our staff about ....


Age and driver's license?


* Driver's license for at least 2 years for economic group cars-21 age limit has

* Driver's license for at least 3 years for the Middle group cars – has a limit of 25

* Upper and luxury vehicles for at least 5 years of driving licence – 27 years is the limit (Mercedes and BMW Group license and age limit may vary)


Credit Card Deposit?


As by phone or online via our website Rental renter will receive a delivery Vehicle during the current edited in their name must have a credit card. This credit card, according to the Group amounting to £,1000 of the vehicle they rented a pre-authorization may be blocked. Akbay Rent A Car vehicles in the top group for 2 PCs may require a credit card. Taken from the delivery vehicle at the moment of provision will be cancelled.Go through your bank to your account varies according to the intensity again. The average is between 1-3 business days.



What Is The Full Accident Insurance?


The vehicle is delivered to our customers from our Office about the moment in case of an accident will occur depending on the amount of varying amounts of rented car group eliminates the responsibility of the tenant, also without to impact parking, $ 400 that occurred, such as the rubber glass headlights. 'damage that might occur until police report with the statement customers without the need for collateral guarantee gets.





Navigation is not within the car rental price. Suppliers by paying an additional fee according to availability in our offices are available to you.


Baby seat?


Baby seat car rental is not in the price. Suppliers by paying an additional fee according to availability in our offices are available to you.


Someone else can use the leased vehicle?


Akbay rent a car offices leased vehicles, the guy who hired you can add an additional driver and vehicle. In addition to the driver's licence information whether in our offices during rental is possible.Made by another driver in a collision (crash) all automobile insurance remains disabled.


How to receive your invoice?


Car rental period after the end of your contract and your invoice within 2 working days at the latest, regulated and will be sent to your address in the mail letting us. If you want to a different address than your invoice you need to specify the relevant Office.